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Clear Concrete Sealer

Clear Concrete Sealer

Posted by Base Coatings on 18th Jun 2021

Application of a sealer over bare concrete is an ideal way to protect the surface from stains, oil leaks, spills and general dirt and grime, and will not only help keep it looking good for many years to come but also extend its life.

Even if the concreate area is a few years old and has begun to show wear, you can often restore its original beauty with a good clean and applying a quality sealer.

Just like any painting or coating application, surface preparation before applying a sealer is key. This will not only ensure the best adhesion to the substrate, but also to ensure you get the maximum life and protection from the sealer.

It is very important to remove any contaminates like oil, grease, stains, dirt, and dust, as these can prevent the sealer from adhering fully to the surface.

Also, if you are applying a sealer over an existing coating, you need to ensure the new sealer is compatible with the old coating, and that it is in a suitable condition to allow for the new sealer to be applied over the top. If there is an old sealer on the area that is starting to flake off, this will prevent the new coating from taking hold on the surface and will likely peel off soon after application.

In some cases, it may be necessary to strip away an old sealer coating in order to prepare the surface for the new sealer.

If you’re applying a sealer to a newly laid concrete surface, it is best to allow around 28 days for the concrete to fully cure before preparing the area and applying the sealer. This will ensure that any moisture within the concrete has had a chance to evaporate prior to the sealer being applied.

Our Base Coatings Concrete Sealer 310 is a hard-wearing solvent based clear sealer that has been designed to both enhance and protect a wide range of concrete surfaces.

When cured, it gives a beautiful, high gloss, wet-look, finish that will make any concrete area look amazing.

Concrete Sealer 310 provides a smooth washable surface, which is not only excellent for protecting against stains and spills, but also makes it easy to keep the area looking clean.

Concrete Sealer 310 is especially suitable for newly laid concrete surfaces, where it can often be applied in as little as 14 days after pouring, provided moisture levels are suitable.

Base Coatings Concrete Sealer 310 is a UV stable acrylic solution with excellent optical clarity and is designed to provide many years of service.

If you’re applying a concrete sealer as a DIY project, make sure that you have the appropriate protective gear and equipment needed to complete the job.

Our Concrete Sealer 310 can be applied using either brush, broom, roller or spray applicator but using a roller with a short pole is usually the quickest and easiest method to ensure a great finish.