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Coloured Concrete Sealer

Coloured Concrete Sealer

Posted by Base Coatings on 19th Mar 2021

There are a number of reasons why you should apply a sealer to concrete driveways and paths around your property, and there are many different types of sealer that can be used for this purpose.

A quality tinted or coloured concrete sealer will not only help protect the surface from moisture and stains, but also rejuvenate an old and tired looking driveway, adding value to your property.

A concrete driveway is exposed to wide range of potential contaminates that can leave deep stains in the substrate that can become impossible to remove. Things like leaves, dirt, mould, oil leaks, tyres and rust stains can all leave their mark on cement.

Through the use of the right sealer product, you can keep stains from penetrating the surface of the concrete and also moisture out.

Many people don’t consider moisture much of a problem for cement, however as this is a very porous substrate, moisture can easily make its way deep into the cement surface.

Over time, the constant cycle of moisture penetrating deep into cement then drying out will cause fine cracks to form. These cracks will hen allow water to make its way even deeper into the cement which compounds the issue, making the cracking worse.

Eventually, cracks will form along the length or width of a driveway and soon become wide and deep.

By applying a sealer to the concrete, you can prevent this process from happening as the moisture will be blocked out and not able to affect the substrate.

If you have an older driveway that already has some cracking, the use of a coloured concrete sealer is a great option to make the area look great again.

As this type of sealer is tinted, it allows for cracks to be repaired if needed, and once applied, the coloured sealer will conceal the repaired sections making the area look uniform.

Our Coloured Concrete Sealer 301 is available in 10 colours that provides a beautiful high gloss finish.

As this product comes pre-tinted, it makes the job much easier for DIY as there's no mess or fuss needed to get the colour tint just right.

By applying 2 - 3 coats of our Coloured Concrete Sealer 301, you can get your driveway looking like new again which will add value to your home and keep the driveway protect from moisture and stains.