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How to choose the right sealer...

22nd Oct 2015

Choosing the right sealer is critical to ensuring the job is done right, the first time!

Here at Base Coatings, we manufacture top quality sealers to suit almost every surface. From a plain old concrete path to the fanciest stenciled driveway and everything in between, Base Coatings has the product for you.

Each of our products has been tested to meet Australian conditions and every formulation is tailored to suit your requirements exactly.

As an example, concrete is a highly porous material and when sealer is applied it's absorbed very quickly. To ensure optimal penetration and curing means that the formulation should ideally be slightly different to suit the surface. Surfaces such as Slate and Sandstone vary significantly  - Slate is dense and therefore won't "soak up" the sealer as readily as Sandstone - different formulations are required for each surface. 

Another requirement may be the finish you need - the high gloss 'wet look', a 'mid-sheen' or 'satin' look or something that's invisible but still maintains a protective 'shield' against spills. 

Don't be fooled by general purpose sealers sold in some hardware stores - you risk paying more for a product that doesn't suit.

For all your needs, we have a product to match and if you're unsure, please feel free to call or email us with your enquiry; our knowledgeable staff are here to help.