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How To Remove Efflorescence

How To Remove Efflorescence

Posted by Base Coatings on 20th Apr 2021

There nothing like the look of a newly completed project like a new home, stone feature wall or brickwork. However, these new surfaces are often affected by efflorescence stains in a few short months of being built.

These difficult to remove stains can leave you feeling frustrated that your beautiful new project or home is now looking not so great and wondering what is happening and what you can do about cleaning it up.

Efflorescence stains are a common problem and occur when soluble salts, lime and other water dispersible materials make their way to the surface of bare substrates like concrete and mortar.

Efflorescence is usually triggered by moist conditions or low temperatures and can occur soon after exposure, which is why it often affects newly completed surfaces.

If efflorescence is not cleaned from the surface, it can eventually calcify and become extremely hard and nearly impossible to remove. When this happens, it can also cause permanent damage to the finish or surface of the substrate.

It’s best to treat and clean efflorescence stains as quickly as possible once they begin to appear and stay on top of them over the coming months.

The Base Coatings Efflorescence Remover 925 is designed just for this purpose.

Efflorescence Remover 925 is a safe and effective solution for the treatment and removal of white powdery calcium deposits caused by efflorescence.

This easy-to-use product can simply be applied to directly onto the build-up and will go to work breaking down the efflorescence where it can be rinsed off the surface leaving it clean.

As it can take a number of months or years for efflorescence to stop making its way out of a new substrate, you can continue to use the Base Coatings Efflorescence Remover 925 as needed to stay on top of newly formed stains.

Our Efflorescence Remover 925 is a food-grade, organic acid which makes it safe to use and has no harmful fumes or side-effects and is suitable for use on a wide range of surfaces.