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Safety First! - Anti slip powders for slippery surfaces

29th Sep 2015

Safety is a major priority for everybody and Base Coatings are here to help!

Safety must be a consideration, especially in wet areas or on steep slopes, when sealing paths, driveways or pool surrounds. The addition of our anti-slip powder to the final coat will provide a slightly textured finish and reduce slip hazards.

What causes slippery surfaces when sealed?

Solvent-based sealers such as our 311 Driveway Sealer, are film forming and once the sealer has fully cured you're left with a beautiful, smooth, high-gloss finish. Whilst this is a great benefit in most situations, occasionally some texture is required. Steep driveways and wet areas can become dangerous if wet and accidents may happen... 

Base Coatings anti-slip powder is a fine polyethylene powder which, when added to sealers, goes clear and virtually invisible to the naked eye. Anti-slip powder is added to the final coat only, at a ratio of 1 x 200gm bag for a 15L drum. This is suitable for most surfaces however you may add up to 2 bags in extremely steep areas to provide an even greater textured finish.

Anti-slip powder should be added slowly and mixed thoroughly to ensure an even spread throughout the final coat. When applying sealers with anti-slip powder long slow, consistent roller strokes should be used. Pushing the roller hard or quickly may result in visible lines, if this occurs, try rolling across the previous strokes, before the sealer begins curing. Anti-slip powder may also be applied with a brush, however use with a sprayer is not recommended as the fine particles may clog the sprayer. Any unused sealer should be disposed of and not returned to any pail with neat sealer. Once anti-slip powder has been added, avoid delay in using as lumping or softening of the particles may occur.

Anti-slip powder may be used with our solvent based range or our water based range of sealers.