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Stopping Leakage With A Waterproofing Membrane

Stopping Leakage With A Waterproofing Membrane

Posted by Base Coatings on 24th Mar 2021

There are many areas on buildings where water can penetrate and make its way inside, or into areas where it shouldn’t be. This can happen in extreme conditions like severe rain and storms, or from areas like bathrooms and showers.

When water regularly finds its way into such areas and cavities, it can overtime cause some serious problems like mould and wood rot, as well as attracting unwanted pests like cockroaches and termites.

Depending on the specifics of the problem, there are a variety of solutions that can be considered. Partly demolishing and re-construction the area would be an extreme option, but a good place to start would be with the use of a waterproofing membrane compound that can be applied to help seal off the problem area.

Our Waterproofing Membrane 101 is just such a solution.

This product is a highly flexible, elastic waterproofing membrane which is designed for use on building areas where movement is likely to occur. It remains highly flexible, even under extreme elongation, it will continue to provide a waterproof barrier in harsh conditions and constant exposure to moisture. It also resists dirt and stains, allowing for easy cleaning with mild detergents.

This product is suitable for use on vertical and horizontal surfaces and can be applied to a wide range of substrates including concrete, masonry, fibre-cement sheeting, plaster board, brick, render and timber. It can also be used in wet areas and bathrooms, or on retaining walls to prevent moisture seepage.

This product also comes in kit form, which includes everything you need to complete the job.

Note: Waterproofing Membrane 101 is a soft coating and is not suitable for high traffic areas, unless covered with a suitable protective covering such as tiles or pavers, but will withstand moderate foot traffic.