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Using Base 601 Penetrating Sealer

21st Sep 2015

Base 601 Penetrating Sealer is a rapid-dry, non film-forming penetrating sealer. In contrast to a solvent-based or water-based sealer, 601 does not form a film over the surface it's applied to. 601 works by permeating into the pores of the concrete and chemically reacting with the free lime to form a calcium silicate.

It's benefits include, oil and water stain resistance

Here's a great example of where 601 works well as a replacement for film-forming sealers:

You just added a new pool to the backyard and the surround is new coloured concrete. In this situation, a normal sealer will form a film over the top of the concrete to provide a waterproof seal. The seal is smooth and shiny and looks great, however when water gets splashed on it, it becomes slippery. The high-gloss is extremely smooth and when wet may pose a slip-hazard. In this situation a non film-forming penetrating sealer (Base 601 Penetrating Sealer) will create a barrier to water and chemicals whilst not making the area slippery. 601 Penetrating Sealer penetrates into the concrete, yet allows the surface of the concrete to maintain its textured surface. 

Another example where Base 601 Penetrating Sealer excels is wooden furniture. Coffee and dining tables benefit greatly from having a penetrating sealer applied to them. Food and drink spills are instantly repelled, whilst still maintaining the natural look of the wood.

Should you require more information on our Base 601 Penetrating Sealer, please read our application guide and if you still have questions, please don't hesitate to contact us directly. We're here to help.