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Water Based Sealers - The inside story

8th Oct 2015

These days, the Industrial look, polished concrete floor is all the rage, and getting it right the first time will set you up for life...

For indoor flooring we recommend a water based sealer. Base 401 Clear Water Based Sealer is a low odour sealer that cures to a mid-sheen, satin finish. The use of solvent based sealers indoors is not recommended as the solvent smell is strong and will take a few days to disperse and may cause discomfort to some people.

When cured Base 401 provides a smooth washable surface that will keep the surface dry and protect it from stains and spills. In wet areas the addition of an anti-slip powder is recommended to reduce the potential for slips and spills.

To prepare for a new sealer the concrete surfaces should be clean, sound and free from dry or loose material. Check for waxes, mould release or bond breaking agents, oils or other contaminants that may affect adhesion before application. For less porous surfaces dilute the first coat (1 part water to 2 parts Base 401) and apply liberally flooding the area and working wet on wet back over the same area. Do not dilute subsequent coats.

Base 401 is typically applied in 2 coats, however additional coats can be applied to increase the thickness of the coating and increase the sheen level to a high gloss. Multiple thin coats are preferred to thicker coats – avoid puddles or build up in corners and depressions.

For more detailed instructions download our Application Guide and remember to take the normal precautions when using Base 401; always wear protective clothing to minimise skin contact and where splatter is likely, wear goggles.