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Why Use A Concrete Sealer

Why Use A Concrete Sealer

Posted by Base Coatings on 20th Jan 2022

Concrete has been used as the main substrate type in the construction of outdoor areas and in landscaping applications for many years. Traditionally, concrete was mixed and poured onsite to create basic structures like floors, paths and driveways.

However, the use of concrete has evolved over time to allow for unique, creative and beautiful spaces and features to be constructed. Some of these include products like concrete pavers, shaped retaining wall blocks, concrete sleepers, water features and even outdoor furniture.

A modern and popular trend now is to leave the concrete in its bare, natural finish. So, it’s important to understand that as concrete is highly porous when left in this state, it will quickly absorb any moisture or liquid that comes into contact with its surface. As a result, this will usually lead to stains that are difficult or impossible to clean.

Additionally, it exposes the concrete to the potential of stains from the build-up of dirt and grime.

But perhaps the most critical risk to bare concrete is moisture damage. When concrete is continually exposed to a dampening and drying cycle, it creates the potential for cracks to form.

The on-going process of the concrete becoming damp, then drying, causes expansion and contraction in the substrate, which will eventually cause it to crack at weak spots from within.

So, in order to protect bare concrete from all these risks, while keeping that “bare finish” look, is by sealing it with a quality, clear sealer product.

Our Base Coatings Concrete Sealer 310 is a hard-wearing solvent based clear sealer that has been designed to both enhance and protect a wide range of concrete surfaces.

When cured, Concrete Sealer 310 creates a smooth washable surface on the concrete, providing protecting against spills and staining.

Base Coatings Concrete Sealer 310 is a UV stable acrylic solution with excellent optical clarity and is designed to provide many years of service. The sealer is especially suitable for new concrete surfaces, where it can often be applied in as little as 14 days after pouring, provided moisture levels are suitable.

Concrete Sealer 310 is quick and easy to apply using either brush, broom, roller or spray applicator.

So, look after your concrete areas by sealing them with Base Coatings Concrete Sealer 310.