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Why Use A Penetrating Sealer

Why Use A Penetrating Sealer

Posted by Base Coatings on 15th Apr 2021

We all like our properties to look good and stay clean. However, the use of bare finishes can often increase the amount and frequency of cleaning and maintenance required to keep these surfaces looking good.

This is where a penetrating sealer can help!

Not only will a penetrating sealer help surfaces stay clean for longer, but there are also a number of reasons why you should use a penetrating sealer to protect substrates. One of the main benefits for sealing porous surfaces is keeping moisture out of the substrate which will not only increase its lifespan but also protect it from stains.

A porous substrate will often soak up any moisture that comes into contact with the surface, as well as any humidity in the air. Overtime, this exposure to moisture can cause cracking and movement along with stains from dirt and grime.

Penetrating sealers are designed to protect substrates from moisture by forming a hydrophobic barrier that actually penetrates into the surface. These provide far superior protection of substrates compared to a topical sealer which only seals over the top of the surface.

Another advantage of using a penetrating sealer is that it will protect from accidental spills and leaks from things like oil drips from car engines, or food and drink spills. As many properties have bare surfaces in areas like garage floors, BBQ areas, or around swimming pools, these types of spills and leaks are often the cause of stains.

The Base Coatings Penetrating Sealer 601 is just such a product and is designed for use on a wide range of surfaces including concrete, natural stone, wood and metals.

Penetrating Sealer 601 is a non-film-forming sealer that contains a silane/siloxane solution which is designed to penetrate and cure within the surface while not leaving a film. As a result, the product won't affect the look or feel of the surface and doesn’t become slippery when wet.

This makes our Penetrating Sealer 601 ideally suited for use in wet areas, such as around pools or on pathways that are likely to get wet.

A topical sealer leaves a film on the surface to form a barrier and block out moisture. This affects the surface grip level which can become slippery when it gets wet and has the potential to cause accidental falls.

The Base Coatings Penetrating Sealer 601 cures within the surface and creates a hydrophobic barrier without altering the surface texture. Which means that the grip level of the original surface isn't affected by the sealer.

This product is easy to apply, and in most applications a single flood coat is all that is required.

So, if you’re wanting to give your bare surfaces the best protection possible, our Penetration Sealer 601 is an excellent choice.