Epoxy Primer Kit 820

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Epoxy Primer Kit 820

Epoxy Primer 820

Epoxy Primer 820 is designed to provide a moisture and vapour barrier over porous surfaces such as concrete floors and walls slabs, panels and blocks. Able to withstand hydrostatic pressure of approx. 500kPa or 50m in height it can be used in negative pressure situations (eg on the interior surface of a wall) to stop moisture on walls and floors in below grade construction, such as basements, tunnels, retaining walls, tanks, reservoirs, car parks, prior to the application of a waterproofing membrane or coating. 

Base 820 Epoxy Primer is suitable for use in contact with potable water and can be applied to damp surfaces with confidence.

Typically applied in two coats to provide a hard coating with excellent adhesion to a wide range of building substrates, it should be used prior to the application of waterproofing membranes or adhesives where a vapour barrier is required.


  • Use in negative pressure situations
  • Moisture barrier
  • Hard wearing
  • Grey finish

Coverage is approx 3-4mper litre and two coats are recommended.

For estimation a 6ltr kit is sufficient for 10mof concrete and a 15ltr kit covers 25m2.


Base 820 Epoxy Primer is supplied in a concentrated form and must be diluted with clean water prior to use. 

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