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Paving Paint Clear 402

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Hardwearing Protection

The Base Coatings Paving Paint 402 is a hardwearing clear paint specifically formulated to protect horizontal surfaces such as garage floors, driveways, patios and balconies, paths, pavers and tiles. 

Enhance and Protect

This product is an exceptional, water-based, interior/exterior acrylic paving coating. Paving Paint 402 is also UV stable and made to last in harsh conditions.


It enhances the natural colour of the surface and provides a beautiful satin finish.

Easy To Apply

The advanced self cross-linking polymer cures after 72 hours and provides excellent chemical and water resistance and extended exterior durability.


Paving Paint 402 is a rapid dry coating allowing for the application of multiple coats in a single day. Wet on wet application is possible where projects need to be completed in a short time. 


Allow the coating to turn clear before applying subsequent coats.

Anti-Slip Additive

May become slippery when wet on some surfaces such as smooth pavers and terracotta or ceramic tiles. An anti-slip powder can be added to the final coat to increase texture and reduce slip hazards when used on steep grades or surfaces subject to frequent wetting with water.


More information on our anti-slip powder can be found on our product page.

Paving Paint Clear 402

Seal and protect your property with our Paving Paint 402. This hardwearing clear paint is specifically formulated to protect surfaces like garage floors, driveways, patios and balconies, paths, pavers and tiles.
PLEASE NOTE: This is a water based paint and therefore not compatible with solvent based paints or sealers. If you are re-applying to a surface and unsure, you should test an area with our '399 Solvent' prior to application.


  • Low odour alternative to solvent sealers
  • Excellent for indoor use
  • UV stable for exterior use
  • Smooth 'satin' or mid-sheen finish
  • Will not whiten or 'blush' under constant exposure to moisture

Coverage rate 1L = 5m²

Note: Surfaces should be pre-wet when applying Paving Paint 402, during hot or windy conditions. Follow application instructions carefully to avoid premature drying and possible delamination.