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Penetrating Sealer 601

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Non-Film Forming Sealer

Penetrating Sealer 601 is our non-film-forming sealer. It is a silane/siloxane solution designed to cure within the surface and not leave a film. This means that it won't affect the look or feel of the surface.


Penetrating Sealer 601 can be used over a wide range of surfaces including concrete, natural stone, wood and metals.

Great For Wet Areas

Penetrating Sealer 601 is ideally suited for use in wet-areas, such as around pools.


Where a normal sealer leaves a film, which can become slippery when wet, Penetrating Sealer 601 cures within the surface and creates a hydrophobic barrier without altering the surface texture.


This means that the "grip" of the surface isn't covered up so it won't become slippery.

Penetrating Sealer 601 


  • Non-film forming
  • Single coat application
  • Excellent stain repellent
  • Hydrophobic water-beading action


1 Flood Coat (additional wet on wet coats may be applied to increase performance)

  • 1L = approx 4m² (Concrete)
  • 1L = approx 8m² (Timber)
  • 1L = approx 15m² (Metal)

Note: Cover area immediately if rain occurs within the first 6 hours of application.

Important: Penetrating Sealer 601 is a flammable liquid. Ensure areas are well ventilated during handling and application.