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Slate Sealer 321

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Enhance and Protect

Slate Sealer 321 has been designed to enhance and protect slate and natural hard stone surfaces.


When dry, Slate Sealer 321 will give a beautiful high gloss, wet look, clear finish and provide a smooth washable surface which protects from stains, spills and reduces the ability of moulds, algae and lichen to discolour the surface. 


Keep your slate and stone looking great for many years.

Highly Durable

As a  UV stable solution acrylic with excellent optical clarity it is designed to provide many years of service for both indoor and outdoor natural stone surfaces.


Base 321 Slate Sealer is well suited to protecting new surfaces or restoring aged and faded surfaces. It provides a high gloss finish while enhancing the natural colours in the slate and seals porous grouts to resist staining.


Marks and scratches can be easily repaired and it can be re-coated with minimal surface preparation.

Important Information


For the first coat only add 20% Solvent 399 to ensure penetration and adhesion. Other solvents are not recommended for use with Slate Sealer 321 as they may affect dry times, and clarity of the coating.


Slate Sealer 321 is a solvent based sealer and has a strong odour – apply in well ventilated areas only. For internal application ensure doors and windows are left open during initial 12 hour curing period. Vapours may linger for up to 3 days during curing.


Highly flammable – take all precautions to ensure no source of ignition is present when applying or during initial 24 hour curing period.

Slate Sealer 321

Bring out the best in your natural stone and slate with our Slate Sealer 321.

Designed to enhance and protect with a high gloss ‘wet look’ clear finish and provide a smooth washable surface.


  • Enhances natural colours
  • Protects from stains
  • UV Stable suitable for internal and external use
  • Wet-look finish

PLEASE NOTE: This is a solvent based sealer and therefore not compatible with water based sealers. If you are re-sealing a surface and unsure, you should test an area with our '399 Solvent' prior to application.

Coverage is approx. 7m² per litre - allow approx 1 x 5ltr pail per 17.5m² of slate (2 coats)