Stencilled Concrete Sealer 313

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Stenciled Concrete Sealer 313

Stencilled Concrete Sealer 313

Stencilled Concrete Sealer 313 is a high gloss clear sealer and surface treatment designed to enhance colour, seal and protect decorative and stencilled concrete surfaces, including high wear areas such as driveways and paths. Dries to a high gloss ‘wet look’ clear finish and provides a smooth washable surface, protecting from stains, spills and reducing the ability of moulds, algae and lichen to discolour the surface. Is a UV stable acrylic solution with excellent optical clarity and is designed to provide many years of service. Is well suited to protecting new surfaces by providing a tough protective layer over the concrete.

Base 313 Stencilled Concrete Sealer enhances colours to prolong the life of worn or faded stencilled surfaces


For re-sealing over existing solvent-based sealers we recommend the addition of 10% Solvent 399 to the 1st coat to ensure the new sealer bonds correctly.


If you have a sloping driveway, you may need to add some anti-slip powder to your final coat... This will add texture to the coating and provide grip. Click here to view the anti-slip powder page for more information.

Coverage is approx. 5-7m² per litre - allow approx 1 x 5ltr pail per 15-17.5m² of concrete (2 coats) - dependent on surface


  • Colour enhancing
  • High gloss finish
  • Protects stencil from wear
  • Hard wearing



 No. of coats:

 2 - 3

 Coverage Rate:

 approx 6m² / litre

 Drying Time:

 Recoat: 2 - 4 hours
 Dry:     24 - 48 hours

 Fully Cured:

 3 Days

 Clean up:

 Solvent 399

 Shelf Life:

 24 months

 Store Below:


 Application Temperature (Surface):

 10°C - 35°C


 Roller, Sprayer, Brush, Broom


Application Guide

Data Sheet