Anti Slip Powder for Clear Sealers

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Anti-Slip Powder 200g

This fine polyethylene powder is designed to provide a rough texture on smooth surfaces and reduces the risk of slip hazards when applying clear film forming sealers over horizontal surfaces such as paths driveways and pool surrounds. Anti Slip Powder is supplied as a white powder but will turn clear when mixed with a sealer and is less visible than other anti slip products, such as fine sand or glass. 

Suitable for use in both solvent and water based sealers, Anti Slip Powder should be added to the final coat only.

Add 1 bag of Anti Slip Powder per 15 - 20 litres of sealer or 2 bags where a rougher texture is required or on steep slopes.

To apply pour slowly into the sealer and mix well to ensure all contents are wet out. Stir regularly during application to avoid settling or floating of the powder.