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Base Coatings Sealers

Our range of quality sealers are purpose designed to suit your exact needs. 

Penetrating Sealer

Penetrating Sealers work when a chemical reaction bonds active ingredients within the substrate, blocking surface moisture. They are suitable for most exterior surfaces where a natural, non-film forming finish is desired. They are ideal for pools surrounds as they provide a non-slip finish. May be used on a variety of materials. The finish achieved is virtually invisible.  Does not change the surface appearance or leave a sheen. (May slightly darken dark colours). Non-slip. Penetrating Sealers provide excellent protection against outdoor exposure conditions. Most products are also breathable, allowing moisture vapor to escape. 

601 Penetrating Sealer

Solvent Based Sealer

Solvent based sealers form a protective film on the concrete surface. They are ideal for exterior concrete to enhance the beauty of plain, stenciled, coloured, stamped or exposed- aggregate concrete and natural stones such as sandstone and slate. They achieve a high-gloss, "wet-look" finish which may become slippery when wet. Application of an anti-slip powder is recommended in wet or sloping areas. Solvent based sealers provides good protection against water, chemicals and oils, usually wear faster than epoxies.Solvent-based acrylics generally perform better than water-based products for outdoor use.

301 Coloured Concrete Sealer | 310 Concrete Sealer | 311 Driveway Sealer | 312 Exposed Aggregate Sealer | 313 Stencilled Concrete Sealer | 314 Stamped Concrete Sealer | 321 Slate Sealer | 331 Sandstone Sealer

Water Based Sealer

Water based sealers form a protective film on the concrete surface. They are Ideal for interior surfaces or where a mid-sheen finish is desirable. They may also be used outside. They achieve a Mid-sheen, "satin" finish but may become slippery when wet. Application of an anti-slip powder is recommended. Water based sealers are a hard-wearing, budget friendly sealer. Ideal for interior use due to low odour or where a a high gloss finish is undesirable.

401 Clear Water-Based Sealer | 402 Paving Paint Clear | 403 Concrete Sealer WB

Base Coatings Primers

Our range of quality primers are designed to suit your exact needs. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Water Based Primer

Water based primers are suitable for indoor/outdoor surfaces both including masonry, concrete, FC sheet, aluminium, timber, steel, and some plastics. They achieve a clear, mid-sheen finish and may be top-coated with water-based paints and finishes. Water based primers are designed to control absorption and allow even coverage of top coats. They consolidate dry and porous surfaces. They also provides a sound substrate for the application of paints, waterproofers and architectural topcoats. Water based top coats can normally be applied immediately after the primer has dried (eg 1-2 hours). They may soften and whiten with exposure to water.

Acrylic Primer 121

Solvent Based Primer

Solvent based primers are Suitable for outdoor surfaces especially smooth or dense concrete. The exhibit excellent penetration into the surface for difficult to 'wet out' surfaces like tilt-panels and honed concrete where form release agents may interfere with penetration of water based sealers. They achieve a hard clear glossy finish. They are suitable for top-coating with solvent-based paints and finishes and water based paints and membranes after full cure (ie >24 hours). Solvent based primers exhibit excellent penetration into porous surfaces and provide excellent adhesion. They provide a sound base for top coats and help prevent alkali (eg mineral salts) deposit migration through coatings. Solvent based primers cannot be overcoated with water based coatings within 24 hours. Will not soften or whiten in contact with water.

Tilt Panel Primer 381

Base Coatings Waterproofers

Base 101 Waterproofing Membrane can accommodate structural movement and complies with the performance requirements of Building Code of Australia. It exceeds design criteria AS4858 (Class III) with elongation exceeding 300%.

Base 121 Acrylic Primer is a general purpose primer and waterproofer designed for application over a wide range of substrates to improve adhesion of topcoats and to control absorption.