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  • Anti-Slip Powder 200g

    Anti Slip Powder for Sealers

    ANTI-SLIP POWDER FOR SEALERS This fine polyethylene powder is designed to provide a rough texture on smooth surfaces. It reduces the risk of slip hazards when applying film forming sealers over horizontal or sloped surfaces, such as paths, driveways and...

  • HD Degreaser 950

    HD Degreaser 950

    Heavy Duty Degreaser 950 While most degreasers rely on strong acids or caustics which can damage the surface Degreaser HD 950 contains powerful ‘green’ surfactants which are readily biodegradable and safe to use.

  • Reinforcing Fabric

    Reinforcing Fabric 100mm

    Waterproofing Reinforcing Fabric 100mm Directions for use: Measure and cut fabric to required lengths. Apply a thick coat of Base 101 Waterproofing Membrane approx. 100mm wide Embed fabric then apply second coat of 101 Waterproofing Membrane...

  • Sealer Solvent 399

    Sealer / Solvent 399

    Solvent 399 DirectionsAdd between 10% & 20% solvent (dependent upon surface and prevailing conditions) to first coat of sealer and stir well. To remove scratches from sealed areas apply to rag and rub affected area well.

4 of 4 Items