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If you're interested in one of our products, and would like to see how it'll look, a sample bottle may be appropriate. You can then test a small, inconspicuous area to see the results. Sample bottles are available for all our products.


We guarantee you won't be disappointed. Click here to select your desired sample product.

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  • Acrylic Primer / Waterproofer 121

    Acrylic Primer 121

    ACRYLIC PRIMER / WATERPROOFER 121 Acrylic Primer 121 is a general purpose primer and waterproofer designed for application over a wide range of substrates to improve adhesion of topcoats and to control absorption.Water based for easy application and low...

  • Product Sample Bottle

    Product Sample Bottle

    Free Sample Bottles These sample bottles contain 100ml of product which will allow you to test our products before purchasing.Free Sample Bottles are available for the following products: Acrylic Primer 121 Coloured Concrete Sealer 301 - Advise...

    MSRP: $6.95
  • 381 Tilt Panel Primer

    Tilt Panel Primer 381

    APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS NEW CONCRETE Concrete should be allowed to cure fully (at least 14 days) before application of Base 381 Tilt Panel Primer. Any crumbling, loose or protruding sections of concrete should be removed by grinding and/or acid...

3 of 3 Items