Acrylic Primer 121

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Acrylic Primer / Waterproofer 121


Acrylic Primer 121 is a general purpose primer and waterproofer designed for application over a wide range of substrates to improve adhesion of topcoats and to control absorption.

Acrylic Primer 121 is suitable for use under most water based paints, waterproofing membranes and architectural coatings. It can be applied to almost any surface including masonry, concrete, FC sheet, aluminium, timber, steel, and some plastics. Is a high performance waterbased sealer / primer designed to control absorption, consolidate dry and porous surfaces and provide a sound substrate for the application of paints, waterproofers and architectural topcoats. Goes on white and dries to a clear finish. Rapid dry formula means topcoats can be applied within 30 minutes!

Water based for applicator safety, low VOC and safe to use in confined areas. Can be used on interior or exterior surfaces.


  • Excellent waterproofing characteristics
  • May be used as a primer or final waterproofing compound
  • Safe for potable water use inside leaky tanks
  • Suitable for sealing masonry 
  • Fast curing



  No. of Coats:

 2 - 3


 1L = approx 5m²

  Drying Time:

 2 - 4 hours

  Fully Cured:

 7 days

  Clean up:

 When wet: Water

 When dry: Solvent

  Shelf Life:

 12 - 18 months

  Store Below:


  Application Temperature (Surface):

 10°C - 35°C


 Low pressure sprayer, brush or roller 


Application Guide

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