Base Epoxy Coatings 801 & 820 - What you should know.

Posted by Mathew on 10th Jun 2016

We have just released 2 new Epoxy Coatings; Base 801 Water Stop and Base 820 Epoxy Primer. Both products provide an extremely durable waterproof barrier over a variety of surfaces. Both prod … read more

New Products Added to Base Coatings

24th Feb 2016

Here at Base Coatings, we're always looking for the products we know you'll need. As a specialist manufacturer of waterproofing and sealing products, we aim to  provide a complete solution f … read more

How to choose the right sealer...

22nd Oct 2015

Choosing the right sealer is critical to ensuring the job is done right, the first time!Here at Base Coatings, we manufacture top quality sealers to suit almost every surface. From a plain old concret … read more

Water Based Sealers - The inside story

8th Oct 2015

These days, the Industrial look, polished concrete floor is all the rage, and getting it right the first time will set you up for life...For indoor flooring we recommend a water based sealer. Base 4 … read more

Safety First! - Anti slip powders for slippery surfaces

29th Sep 2015

Safety is a major priority for everybody and Base Coatings are here to help!Safety must be a consideration, especially in wet areas or on steep slopes, when sealing paths, driveways or pool surround … read more