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Stamped Concrete Sealer

Stamped Concrete Sealer

Posted by Base Coatings on 25th Aug 2021

The use of stamped concrete in outdoor areas is a popular choice, mostly due to the fact that it can be made to look like high end materials such as natural stone pavers, but at a fraction of the cost.

The versatility of this concrete finish allows for the creation of practically any look you desire, including the use of any colour, style or pattern that suits your project needs.

Not only can a well designed and constructed stamped concrete finish enhance the aesthetic value of any outdoor space, ultimately it can add extra value to the property, especially when it remains well maintained.

Although a stamped concrete area is highly durable, overtime it is very common to see the topcoat wear away leaving the surface patchy and exposed. When this occurs, the concrete substrate is vulnerable to stains and moisture damage, which has the potential to cause cracks to appear in the concrete.

For this reason, it is recommended to apply a suitable sealer product to the surface of the stamped concrete to help protect it from wear and keep the integrity of the finish intact.

This will not only help to prolong the life of the finish, but also protect the concrete from moisture and stains.

Our Base Coatings Stamped Concrete Sealer 314 is a UV stable acrylic solution with excellent optical clarity and has been designed to provide many years of service.

Stamped Concrete Sealer 314 is well suited for the protection of new surfaces by providing a tough protective clear layer over the concrete.

Base Coatings Stamped Concrete Sealer 314 gives a beautiful high gloss, clear finish that will enhance the colour, as well as seal and protect the concrete and provide a smooth washable surface, which is perfect for protecting against stains, spills and reducing the ability of moulds, algae and lichen to discolour the surface.

Ideal for high wear areas like driveways and paths, Stamped Concrete Sealer 314 can also be used with our Anti-Slip Powder where required to give the surface extra grip and protect against slippage when the surface is wet.

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