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Using Base 601 Penetrating Sealer

21st Sep 2015

Base 601 Penetrating Sealer is a rapid-dry, non film-forming penetrating sealer. In contrast to a solvent-based or water-based sealer, 601 does not form a film over the surface it's applied to. 601 works by permeating into the pores of the concrete and chemically reacting with the free lime to for …

Buy Concrete Sealer on Sale

9th Oct 2014

Looking for a great concrete sealer? Look no further. Base Coatings has a great range of concrete sealers designed to seal, protect and restore a wide range of concrete surfaces.Our range of sealers are designed to make the job as easy as possible and by purchasing direct from the manufacturer you'l …

How to seal a new concrete driveway using Base Coatings 311 Driveway Sealer

Posted by Michael - Tech Consultant for Base Coatings on 22nd Aug 2014

I've just laid my new driveway and I want to seal it. What do I do?  This is the type of question I'm regularly asked, and the answer is quite simple.Let's start with some basic principles...Concrete is a porous material and over time, water, chemicals, oils etc. build up and eventually …