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Water Based Sealers - The inside story

8th Oct 2015

These days, the Industrial look, polished concrete floor is all the rage, and getting it right the first time will set you up for life...For indoor flooring we recommend a water based sealer. Base 401 Clear Water Based Sealer is a low odour sealer that cures to a mid-sheen, satin finish. The use o …

Safety First! - Anti slip powders for slippery surfaces

29th Sep 2015

Safety is a major priority for everybody and Base Coatings are here to help!Safety must be a consideration, especially in wet areas or on steep slopes, when sealing paths, driveways or pool surrounds. The addition of our anti-slip powder to the final coat will provide a slightly textured finish an …

Using Base 601 Penetrating Sealer

21st Sep 2015

Base 601 Penetrating Sealer is a rapid-dry, non film-forming penetrating sealer. In contrast to a solvent-based or water-based sealer, 601 does not form a film over the surface it's applied to. 601 works by permeating into the pores of the concrete and chemically reacting with the free lime to for …