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New Products Added to Base Coatings

4th Jul 2018

Here at Base Coatings, we're always looking for the products we know you'll need. 

As a specialist manufacturer of waterproofing and sealing products, we aim to  provide a complete solution for your project.

We've recently added 3 new products to our range which have been designed to compliment our existing product range.

Prep & Etch 920

Prior to sealing a new concrete slab, be it driveway, pathway, pool surround etc. we recommend applying an etching solution to ensure the surface being sealed, will look its best for years to come.

Base 920 Prep & Etch is an easy to use surface preparation solution designed for concrete and masonry surfaces. Prep & Etch can be used to remove mortar stains, etch concrete before application of a sealer, paint or coating, and for the cleaning and removal of grout haze from tiles after grouting.

Efflorescence Remover 925

Designed specifically for the removal of efflorescence - white powdery calcium deposits, which can form on bricks, blocks, concrete, rammed earth and tiles. 

Base Efflorescence Remover 925 is a food-grade, organic acid which is safe to use and has no harmful fumes or side-effects.

HD Degreaser 950

Formulated to assist in the removal of stains prior to sealing. It's a safe and effective solution for removal of oil, grease, food and general dirt and grime from a wide range of hard surfaces like driveways, path, patios and floors.

Base 950 Degreaser HD contains powerful ‘green’ surfactants which are readily biodegradable and safe to use.

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