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Seal and Protect Sandstone

Seal and Protect Sandstone

Posted by Base Coatings on 29th Mar 2021

Sandstone is a very popular natural stone that is commonly used around homes in areas like feature walls, retaining walls, pavers, stepping-stones and bench seating.

Sandstone comes in a variety of natural colours, however it’s important to understand that due to being highly porous, Sandstone is very easily stained and subject to moisture damage.

Any dirt, grime or coloured liquid that gets onto the surface of Sandstone, will quickly make its way into the substrate. This often leaves a stain on the stone that can’t be cleaned away regardless of how much sweeping or washing you perform on the area.

Moisture poses the greatest risk to Sandstone, as the open pores of this substrate allow water to make its way deep into the stone where it can weaken and cause cracking. In the case of pavers around swimming pools, salt crystals from the pool water can build up and grow within the stone, which over time will cause internal pressure on the paver and eventually cause it to split.

For this reason, it is a good idea to apply a sealer to Sandstone to protect it from moisture damage, as well as stop any potential stains.

This is also a highly recommended process to ensure the stone will last for many years. Sandstone is naturally very soft as it is a sedimentary rock that is composed mostly of quartz sand. So, as it’s name suggests, Sandstone is just that, sand!

Base Coatings Sandstone Sealer 331 is a specifically formulated product designed to enhance and protect sandstone.

Once applied, it will give a beautiful high gloss, wet look, clear finish in a smooth washable surface. So, it will not only enhance the look of the stone but also protect it from stains, spills and moisture.

Sandstone Sealer 331 is a UV stable acrylic solution and is designed to last for many years reducing the ability of moulds, algae and lichen to discolour and stain the stone.

If the Sandstone to be sealed is around wet areas like swimming pools, it is advisable to use an anti-slip additive when applying the final coat. This additive will provide a slightly rough texture which provides grip and helps prevent accidental falls and slips.

So be sure to protect your Sandstone surfaces from stains and moisture, and they will remain looking great for many years.