Clear Water Based Sealer 401

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Clear Water Based Sealer 401

Clear Water Based Sealer 401

Clear Water Based Sealer 401 is a hardwearing, clear coating designed to protect a wide range of surfaces including masonry, concrete and timber. When cured it provides a smooth washable surface that will keep the surface dry and protect it from stains and spills. It can be applied over damp surfaces and the sheen level increased by applying additional coats as required. Two coats will provide a satin finish over smooth surfaces. The advanced self cross-linking polymer cures after 72 hours and provides excellent chemical and water resistance and extended exterior durability.

Clear Water Based Sealer 401 is a rapid dry coating allowing the applicator to apply multiple coats in a single day. Wet on wet application is possible where projects need to be completed in a short time. Allow the coating to turn clear before applying subsequent coats.


  • Will not blush or water whiten even under constant exposure to moisture
  • UV resistant and can be used in exposed exterior areas
  • Dirt and stains can be cleaned off with a mild detergent
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Low VOC

Coverage rate 1L = 5m²

Note -

May become slippery when wet on some surfaces such as smooth pavers and terracotta or ceramic tiles. An anti-slip powder (click here to buy) can be added to the final coat to increase texture and reduce slip hazards when used on steep grades or surfaces subject to frequent wetting with water.

Just in from Greg, who purchased our 401. He's sent some photos of his finished interior aggregate floor that he applied this coating to: 

Check out these photos! 

Gregs Photos

Thanks Greg!



  No. of coats:

 2 - 3


 1L = approx 5m²

  Drying Time:

 2 - 4 hours

  Fully Cured:

 3 days

  Clean Up: 

 When wet: Water

 When dry: Solvent

  Shelf Life: 

 12 - 18 months

  Store Below:


  Application Temperature (Surface):

 10°C - 35°C


 Low pressure sprayer, brush, lambswool pad or roller


Application Guide

Data Sheet