Coloured Concrete Sealer 301

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Coloured Concrete Sealer 310

Coloured Concrete Sealer 301

Is your driveway looking old and tired and lost its appeal?

Is it covered in stains that just won't budge?

Are you renovating and want to add more value to your home?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then our Coloured Concrete Sealer 301 might be right for you.

Available in 12 colours, Coloured Concrete Sealer 301 is a 'wet-look', solvent-based high gloss sealer that we've pre-tinted, so there's no mess or fuss needed to get the colour just right.

2-3 coats of Coloured Concrete Sealer 301 will make your driveway look like brand new.

If you're looking to re-seal an existing driveway, remember you may need to add a little more solvent to the first coat. This will ensure the original sealer softens (re-emulsifies) and you achieve a strong bond between the old and new coatings. Click here to visit our Solvent 399 page for more information.

If you have a sloping driveway, you may need to add some anti-slip powder to your final coat... This will add texture to the coating and provide grip.

Click here to view the anti-slip powder page for more information.


We have a range of colours available and you will need to select your colour from the swatches above.
*Whilst we have made every effort to represent the colours as accurately as possible, some monitors may display colours slightly differently.
The colours displayed should be used as a guide only.
We cannot alter, mix or match any of the colours above and we cannot offer refunds for our coloured sealers.
Customers should satisfy themselves prior to order as to the suitability of the product for their purposes.


Coverage is approx. 6m² per litre - allow approx 1 x 10ltr pail per 30m² of concrete (2 coats)



  No. of coats:

 2 - 3

  Coverage Rate:

 approx 6m² / litre

  Drying Time:

 Recoat: 2 - 4 hours
 Dry:     24 - 48 hours

  Fully Cured:

 3 Days

  Clean up:

 Solvent 399

  Shelf Life:

 24 months

  Store Below:


  Application Temperature (Surface):

 10°C - 35°C


Roller, Sprayer, Brush, Broom


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