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Exposed Aggregate Sealer 312

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Seal and Enhance Your Driveway


Exposed Aggregate Sealer 312 is a hardwearing solvent based clear sealer designed to enhance and protect exposed aggregate concrete, including high wear areas such as driveways and paths.


It can be used to ‘soften’ aged exposed aggregate where the concrete is worn away exposing sharp angular stones.  The sealer fills smaller voids and coats sharp edges making the aggregate 'softer’ underfoot, which is desirable around patio and pool areas where bare feet come into contact with the surface. 

Great Wet Look Finish


It dries to a high gloss ‘wet look’ clear finish and provides a smooth washable surface, protecting from stains, spills and reduces the ability of moulds, algae and lichen to discolour the surface.


It's a UV stable solution acrylic with excellent optical clarity and is designed to provide many years of service.


Exposed Aggregate Sealer 312 is well suited to protecting new surfaces or restoring aged and faded exposed aggregate concrete.

Re-Sealing Info


For re-sealing over existing solvent-based sealers we recommend the addition of 10% Solvent 399 to the 1st coat to ensure the new sealer bonds correctly.


Find out more information on our Solvent 399 page.

Anti-Slip For Sloping Driveways

If you have a sloping driveway, you may need to add some anti-slip powder to your final coat. This will add texture to the coating and provide grip.


More information on our anti-slip powder can be found on our product page.

Exposed Aggregate Sealer 312

Exposed Aggregate is a highly porous substrate which is very susceptible to stains, particularly engine oil from car leaks on driveways. For this reason, it is recommended to apply a sealer that will stop stains from soaking into the substrate and make the surface easier to clean.

Our Exposed Aggregate Sealer 312 will help to keep stains from making a mess on your driveways and paths, and also enhance the look.

Coverage is approx. 5-7m² per litre - allow approx 1 x 5ltr pail per 15-17.5m² of concrete (2 coats) - dependent on surface


  • Enhances natural colours
  • High Gloss Finish
  • Softens sharp aggregates
  • Prevents mould growth

PLEASE NOTE: This is a solvent based sealer and therefore not compatible with water based sealers. If you are re-sealing a surface and unsure, you should test an area with our '399 Solvent' prior to application.