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Benefits Of Sealing Exposed Aggregate

Benefits Of Sealing Exposed Aggregate

Posted by Base Coatings on 24th Jun 2021

Exposed aggregate concrete finishes are created by either mixing in pebbles and stones into the top layer of concrete or removing the surface layer of concrete to expose the aggregate within the substrate.

The use of exposed aggregate for driveways and paths at residential property has become very common in recent years, as it provides a durable concrete area with lots of character.

One downside to exposed aggregate is that it is highly porous and will soak up water and liquids like a sponge. This also means that it is very susceptible to stains and moisture damage.

In addition, when moisture is absorbed into the top layer of exposed aggregate, it causes the substrate to expand, and then contract as it dries. Over time, these wet and dry cycles will cause the substrate to weaken and eventually crack.

Being such a porous substrate, exposed aggregate is very susceptible to stains, in particular oil stains from cars. If a small patch of oil comes into contact with the surface, it will quickly soak deep into the substrate, leaving a permanent discoloration of the area.

Another common cause of stains on exposed aggregate is tarnished areas caused by debris from trees and leaves. When this type of debris becomes wet, it often leaves behind a stained brown outline where it was lying on the surface. Again, this type of grime is able to penetrate and stain the porous surface layer of un-sealed exposed aggregate.

By applying a sealer that is made specifically for use on exposed aggregate, you can prevent water ingress into the substrate, as well as protecting it from stains.

Base Coatings Exposed Aggregate Sealer 312 has been designed specifically for sealing and protecting exposed aggregate substrates and gives a beautiful wet look finish. It has improved adhesion to assist with gaining a good bond to the smooth non-porous pebbles normally used in exposed aggregate.

When cured, it will help protect from moisture and stains, and provide a washable surface making for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Exposed Aggregate Sealer 312 is a hardwearing solvent based clear sealer that is an excellent choice for use on high wear areas like driveways and paths, and is well suited to protecting both new surfaces or restoring aged and faded exposed aggregate concrete. Dull pebble (or aggregate) will be restored to a rich colour with faded grey and tan coloured pebble being restored to black and orange.