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Seal and Protect Bare Surfaces

Seal and Protect Bare Surfaces

Posted by Base Coatings on 9th Apr 2021

The use of natural look, bare surfaces has become increasingly popular in recent years. This type of finish can give a property a beautiful open and spacious feel that can make smaller spaces seem larger.

The bare finish look can also be achieved on older properties by stripping away old coatings or grinding back cement surfaces to reveal the inner layer that gives the area a whole new look.

One very important step to take when doing this work is to seal the bare substrate to protect it from dirt and stains. This will not only bring out the natural beauty, but also help ensure that the surface stays clean and looking great for many years to come.

Doing this will also make the area easier to clean, as any dirt or spillage will not soak into the bare substrate and can often just be wiped clean.

The Base Coatings Clear Water Based Sealer 401 is design for this purpose.

This sealer provides a hardwearing, smooth, washable clear finish that can be used to protect a wide range of surfaces including masonry, concrete and internal timber, making a great option to bring out the natural look of a surface while lasting for many years.

Clear Water Based Sealer 401 is easy to apply and can even be applied over damp surfaces.

Two coats will provide a satin finish, however if you’re wanting an extra sheen look, this can be achieved by applying additional coats to get the desired result.

Base Coatings Clear Water Based Sealer 401 is a rapid dry product allowing for the application of multiple coats in a single day. Including wet on wet application when projects need to be completed quickly.

The sealer is UV resistant, so it can be used in exposed exterior applications, and it won’t blush or whiten through constant exposure to moisture.

If needed, an anti-slip additive can be used to help protect areas that may be slippery when wet.