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Seal and Protect Exposed Aggregate Concrete

Seal and Protect Exposed Aggregate Concrete

Posted by Base Coatings on 12th Mar 2021

Is your exposed aggregate looking a bit tired and patchy?

Exposed aggregate concrete is a commonly used for residential driveways and paths as it hides stains and marks well compared to plain concrete. Exposed aggregate surfaces are often sealed when new but many homeowners don’t realise they can restore old surfaces to look like new with a little maintenance and application of a sealer.

While the aggregate or stones in the surface are typically smooth and non-porous, the concrete surrounding these stones has an open pore and is more vulnerable to damage from water and contaminants like algae and oil drips from car engines.

Left untreated, moisture can easily make its way deep into the concrete, which over time will weaken the concrete and cause cracks to appear. Similarly, stains from things like oil, dirt, grime and mould can embed themselves deep into the pores of the exposed concrete, leaving a stain that can’t be removed.

By applying a sealant to exposed aggregate concrete, it helps to protect the substrate from stains as well as repelling moisture which will help to keep the concrete in good condition.

Another advantage of applying a sealer is that it can enhance and deepen the colour of the aggregate and depending on the type of sealer, can create a nice wet look finish.

Cleaning and sealing your exposed aggregate driveway and paths is required to protect your investment however what many people don’t realise is that exposed aggregate driveways need to be re-sealed every few years in order to maintain the protective sealer in good condition.

When done regularly, this process is easy to do and doesn’t take a lot of time or effort to complete.

If you are re-applying a sealer over an area that has been previously treated, and perform this before the coating has worn away, the process can be as simple as giving the surface a light pressure clean to wash away dirt and grime. Then once dry you can apply the new coat.

When applying a sealer for the first time or to new concrete, give the surface a thorough pressure clean to remove any contaminants and make sure that any soft or loose cement is cleaned away.

Our Exposed Aggregate Sealer 312 is a hardwearing, solvent based, clear sealer that is designed to enhance and protect exposed aggregate and is a great option for high wear areas such as driveways and paths.

In addition, it can be also help soften aged exposed aggregate where the concrete is worn away exposing sharp angular stones which are uncomfortable to walk on without shoes.

Exposed Aggregate Sealer 312 is well suited to protecting new surfaces or restoring aged and faded exposed aggregate concrete.