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Stencilled Concrete Sealer

Stencilled Concrete Sealer

Posted by Base Coatings on 14th Jul 2021

A popular way to add some extra style to the finish of a driveway is through the use of Stencilled Concrete.

As the name suggests, this method uses a stencil that is placed over the concrete surface where a colour or special finish is applied. As soon as the top coat is applied the stencil gets removed and this leaves a two tone pattern on the concrete.

A Stencilled Concrete finish can take many forms and make any plain concrete surface look like natural stones, bricks or pavers.

This finish is not only commonly use on driveways, but also concrete paths and patio areas, which is great for creating an entertaining area with a unique look and durable finish.

Like any other concrete coating, Stencilled Concrete can be affected by dirt, grime and oil which can leave difficult to remove stains.

In addition, the coloured finish of Stencilled Concrete can fade over time, leaving it looking patchy or dull. Most stencil mixes are a blend of cement, sand, coloured oxides and polymer to make it adhere to the surface. The oxides can become very faded and dull over time – especially colours such as reds and blacks which look more like terracotta and grey after a short while in the sun.

A great way to protect Stencilled Concrete from stains, and rejuvenate a faded finish is through the application of a sealer that is specifically designed for use on this type of surface.

Our Base Coatings Stencilled Concrete Sealer 313 is just such a product.

Stencilled Concrete Sealer 313 is a high gloss clear sealer and surface treatment that has been designed to enhance the colour of the finish and restore old faded colours, while sealing the surface to protect against stains and spills.

The high gloss, wet look, clear finish gives a beautiful smooth appearance and also provides an easily washable surface, making the job of cleaning much quicker. The stencil is typically applied with a hopper or texture sprayer which blasts small ‘blobs’ of stencil mixture onto the concrete surface. These can leave a slightly rough texture and this will trap dirt and debris. Applying a film forming sealer like Base Stencilled Concrete Sealer 313 will help reduce the surface texture and make it smoother, softer underfoot and easier to clean.

Stencilled Concrete Sealer 313 is a UV stable, acrylic solution with excellent optical clarity and is designed to provide many years of service.

Base Coatings Stencilled Concrete Sealer 313 is a great product to use when you want to enhance the colour of a faded stencilled surface and it helps to prolong the life of worn and aged finishes.