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Tilt Panel Primer

Tilt Panel Primer

Posted by Base Coatings on 4th Jun 2021

Tilt Panel construction is a process where the prefabrication of large concrete panels is completed on a horizontal surface. These panels are then transported to the construction site where they can be lifted into place to form the walls and floors of a building.

Tilt Panels are commonly used in the construction of office buildings, retail centres, warehouses, distribution centres, manufacturing facilities, and other commercial or industrial structures.

As a result, these buildings often seem to appear almost overnight as the Tilt Panels can be put in place with amazing speed. This construction process also helps improve costs associated with the building of large scale projects.

If the Tilt Panels are to be painted or have a textured finish applied, then a primer should be applied to the Tilt Panel concrete in order to prepare it for the final coating. This can be done once the panels are in place.

Our Base Coatings 381 Tilt Panel Primer is a solvent based acrylic primer that is specifically formulated for tilt panels and precast concrete surfaces, and has been designed to promote adhesion and provide an alkali resistant barrier to improve the life and performance of finishes like acrylic based paints.

As 381 Tilt Panel Primer is a solvent-based product, it will out-perform water based acrylic primers, particularly when form releasing agents are present, as these agents will prevent the penetration of a water-based primer.

Base Coatings 381 Tilt Panel Primer can be applied in a single even coat by brush, solvent-resistant roller or airless sprayer and will be touch dry within 1 hour.

Available in 20 litre and 200 litre sizes to accommodate for small and large scale projects, 381 Tilt Panel Primer is an excellent product for the use in the preparation of such concrete surfaces.